LACL uses continuous quality improvement (CQI) to improve programs and services to achieve positive outcomes for the  people it serves. CQI is a cyclical process that uses data to guide change. CQI take place even when things are going well, not just if something goes wrong and needs to be fixed. The CQI process LACL uses is found in the graphic on the right. Change is expected and welcomed but is only possible when CQI is a robust process - it must support leadership and staff to focus on continuously improving the quality of services. Opportunities for CQI come from  participation in include Me! (CLBC's Quality of Life survey), strategic planning, accreditation and various quality assurance activities.
3.  Accreditation

Accreditation is a process CARF International uses to determine if LACL meets a set of standards.  This helps our funders and community know we deliver quality services. LACL must be accredited to be funded by CLBC.

LACL strives to improve service quality through efficiency and financial accountability, and services which emphasize individual and family  satisfaction. Accreditation informs this work. After each survey, which occurs every three years, either a one year or three year accreditation is awarded.

During a survey, work sites and homes are visited, individual service plans are reviewed, individuals and families are interviewed, employees are asked questions and our financial records are examined. We are informed of any recommendations and where we demonstrated exemplary practice. Accreditation helps us identify areas for change and growth. Management is responsible for the accreditation process and reporting. Our 2015 survey report identifies LACL's strengths as an organization and where we can make improvements.

4. Quality Assurance

LACL engages in a number of quality assurance activities as evidenced by a variety of annual plans and reports which include:

Risk Management Plan - examines practices and policies to reduce risk to persons served, employees and the overall organization

Information Technology Plan - ensures LACL is keeping up with technology in a cost effective way, identifies best practices in how information privacy is ensured, and outlines a disaster recovery plan for electronic records

Service Delivery Report - shows progress in assisting people served to achieve their personal goals and includes recommendations to improve service quality

Human Resources and Labour Relations Report - addressees accomplishments and makes recommendations in the areas of recruitment, retention, training and labour relations

Health and Safety Report - evaluates the outcomes of annual site inspections and employee injuries, and makes recommendations for improving health and safety practices

Compliance Report - describes conformance to external regulations and laws and actions taken to meet these requirements

1. Quality of Life

Quality of Life (QOL) helps us think about how people feel about their lives and  is measured with a survey that asks adults with a developmental disability 50 questions about their life. They are also employed as surveyors. QOL has 8 domains that give a sense of a person's QOL in the areas of independence, social participation and well-being:

  ~ emotional well-being - contentment, self-concept, lack of stress
  ~ interpersonal relations - interactions, relationships, supports
~ material well-being - financial status, employment, housing
~ personal development - education, personal competence, performance
~ physical well-being - health / health care, activities of daily living, leisure
~ self-determination - autonomy / personal control, personal goals, choices
~ social inclusion - community integration and participation, roles, supports
~ rights - legal, human (respect, dignity, equality)

This graphic shows how the areas of independence, social participation and well-being, the eight domains and indicators for each domain are related.

LACL took part in a 2009/10 demonstration project. To respond to our results, we reviewed our values, personal planning process, and how we help people build their personal support networks. Our 2015 survey results show improved scores in personal development, self-determination, interpersonal relations and social inclusion. Click here to see the full report of the survey results or here for a plain language summary.

Our focus on quality of life has also helped us better understand how people feel about their lives beyond services and enabled the individuals we serve to think and talk about their lives in a richer way with their families and friends and the people who support them. If you have questions or comments, call Kim Bucholtz at 604-534-8611 (Extension 229) or email her at Visit this CLBC link to learn more about quality of life and see different videos.

2. Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan is an organization's plan for the future. It looks at strengths, areas needing improvement and external opportunities and threats.

The Langley Association for Community Living's 2017 - 2020 strategic plan will focus on three key areas:

    1)  Citizenship
    2)  Community Development
    3)  Responsive Service Delivery

Click on this image to see the steps we are taking to make progress in these areas.

You can download the 2017-2020 LACL Strategic Plan here.
Read more about LACL’s approach to CQI in our Employee Guide to Continuous Quality Improvement.
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