Various day-time supports are available at a number of  locations throughout Langley which cater to the unique support requirements of each individual. These community inclusion services generally focus support in the areas of employment, community access, life skills / personal development training, leisure, recreation and volunteering.

Individualized Community Inclusion Services

Individualized community inclusion services are designed for individuals who have complex support requirements. Each person's service is tailored to their unique needs, with staff trained to meet the requirements of the individual. This service is available on-site, or through the person’s home, depending upon personal preference.

Personal Support Initiative

The Personalized Support Initiative is designed to support individuals diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder and significant limitations in adaptive functioning. There is a strong emphasis on assisting individuals to develop and maintain their independence through an individualized support plan that focuses on daily living skills, employment training and network building.
Explorations, Employment Support Services and Quest

Explorations, Employment Support Services and Quest emphasize assisting individuals to secure employment with local businesses and industry. Supports provided also help individuals address their goals in the areas of life skills, personal development, relationships, fitness,  access to local community activities and resources and volunteering.

Bridge Centre and Connections

Bridge Center and Connections cater primarily to older individuals. A variety of volunteer, leisure and recreational activities, both on-site and in the Langley community, are available based on each individual’s preferences. Individuals also have the opportunity for creative expression through visual arts at our BridgeArt Studio.

For more information about ILS's community inclusion services call Vicky Dawe, Manager of Programs and Services at 604-534-8611 (Extension 232) or email her at
Community inclusion is the opportunity to live in the community and be valued for one's uniqueness, abilities and contributions. Being an active and contributing community member is the heart of citizenship.