Are you a self-advocate who has a problem or a complaint about the service you receive from ILS?

If you are, you can use the Self Advocate Complaint Form to let people know that you need help to solve the problem or complaint.
Our focus is on resolving your complaint as quickly as possible and within the timelines identified in our complaint resolution policy.
ILS believes that complaints should be dealt with in a
prompt, effective and professional manner and has
developed a policy to support this goal.

A complaint is any concern or breach in ethical conduct
that is brought forward to a ILS employee by an individual
receiving service; a family member and / or a person
from the individual’s support network; a community
member; a ILS employee; or someone from another

Steps in ILS's complaint resolution involve:

· Receiving the complaint professionally

· Documenting the complaint

· Assessing the urgency of the complaint

· Ensuring the most appropriate ILS staff person
deals with the complaint 

· Documentating how the complaint was addressed