Our Services
ILS has a rich history of providing individualized services and supports. We are committed to enabling people to achieve the highest quality of life in the areas of independence, social participation and well-being. 

We assist individuals to find their voice and control their own services, build relationships outside of paid supports, and strengthen community capacity and willingness to respond and address the impact poverty has on their lives. Principles guiding how we provide our services are found in the box on the right.

The OUR SERVICES section of the website provides information about our various types of services.
Principles of Service
1.  Person Centered Services

Planning and delivery of services will be centered on the person with the disability, their family and personal network. We must not fit a person we support into a service we provide, but create a service based on what the person wants and needs.

2.  Supporting Families & Personal Networks

We believe that people are safest when family and friends surround them. We will assist all people receiving our services to develop and maintain personal support networks. The development of friendships and meaningful participation in community life will enhance the quality of life of the people we support.

3.  Using Local Community Supports

Where possible and appropriate, the Society will utilize community supports to ensure that participants’ needs are met. We will partner with other community agencies and services to assist individuals to achieve their goals and build community.

4.  Reliance on Individual and Family Satisfaction

The Society will rely on measures of individual and family satisfaction in monitoring and evaluating our efforts. We will be held accountable for desired outcomes.

5.  Lifelong Learning

We believe that individuals learn and grow through participation and experience. All individuals will be supported to live dynamic and interesting lives.