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About the Langley Self-Advocate Committee

LACL supports the Self-Advocate Committee to provide valuable input into the organization. This is a working committee that is focused on ensuring that the voices of self-advocates are heard. LACL also supports self- advocates to be involved in local and provincial conferences to increase their learning.

The committee has also been instrumental in developing plain language resource materials. The Committee created 2 guides about self-advocacy; Abuse and Neglect: A Guide for Self-Advocates and the Plain Language Guide to Supported Decision Making.

Any self-advocate who receives services from LACL is welcome to attend. Our committee membership consists of 20 self-advocates. Some committee members have attended the meetings since January 2009; other self-advocates may choose to attend when there is not a conflict with their employment or other commitments.

Some Support Staff and Supervisors also attend the meetings as a way to support the work of the committee into LACL programs and services. However, it is important to note that employees do not have any decision making authority at this table.

The Committee keeps minutes of all meetings. Copies of the meeting minutes are available on Sharevision to Committee members and other self-advocates supported by LACL.

The Committee is chaired by Kim Bucholtz, Manager of Quality Assurance and Supported Living Services. If you would like information about the Committee, please call Kim at 604-534-8611 (Extension 229).

Meeting details

Where:  LACL Heritage Room in the Heritage Building at 20689 Fraser Highway, Langley.

When:  Usually, the first Tuesday of every month. A yearly schedule is planned in advance.

Time:  10:00 am to noon
My name is James. I’m friendly and enjoy making new friends. I enjoy being on different committees, like the Self- Advocate and Summerfest Committees, as well as for other LACL events. I work at Mc Donald’s and really like it there and I like to be paid.  
My Name is Rosemerri. I live in Aldergrove with my Mom. I work at Starbucks in Langley and volunteer at Langley Lodge. I have lots friends at work, at Quest, at Bridge (where I do art) and at Explorations. I love being part of the committee. There are lots of conferences and work to do to keep me busy. I like doing research on the computer and making lists to keep me organized. My favorite food is Chinese.
My name is Adam. I work at Extra Foods, Home Hardware and Kal Tire. My goal is to have a job in music - my passion. I am working to buy a new guitar. I enjoy many types of music and have gone to lots of concerts and musicals. My favorite concert was Default. I enjoy camping with my family and travelling. I especially love Bowen Island. I have been part of the self-advocate committee for many years and enjoy speaking out for what’s right for people and myself.
My name is Fred. I love to dance and enjoy attending dance functions. I like to go for walks at the track and I spend a lot of time reading as it’s very therapeutic for me.   
My name is David. I like to be helpful and enjoy doing good deeds for my friends and people in the community. I have a huge passion for art and spend a lot of my time in the Art Studio. I’m like to socialize and be around others.
My name is Bobby. I’m a very happy guy and I like to make people laugh. I like to hang out with my friends and go bowling. I’ve worked at the Mall for a long time, doing recycling.
My name is Jilly. I attend Explorations and enjoy hanging out with my friends Adam, Hannah, Holly and Tina. I live with my Mom and Dad and my dog Lucy. I work at J&J Sales as an office assistant and volunteer at the Fibromyalgia Thrift Store. I love boating and camping with my family. I also love to travel. We are planning a trip to the United Kingdom. I really enjoy being part of the self-advocate group.
My name is Hannah. I am First Nations and was born in Squamish. I live in Aldergrove and like to visit my family in Squamish. My heritage is very important to me. I would like to learn my native language and how to make an Indian drum. I have a job at A&W and am working to be a cashier. One of my favorite things is painting. I recently sold one of my paintings. I also like crafts and cooking. My goal is to one day be a chef.
My name is Rachel. I'm originally from South Africa. My family moved to Langley when I was seven. I enjoy spending time with my family as it is very important to me. I like movies, especially romantic comedies. I’m working on making lots of friends and being comfortable in new environments. My favorite celebrity is Taylor Swift. My dream and goal is to go to a Taylor Swift concert. My favorite food is Sushi.
My name is Brittany Schenderling. I go to a day program called Quest. I like hanging out with my Quest friends, singing, swimming, listening to music, writing songs and stories and talking to my friends on social media. My favorite things include wrestling and watching TV shows such as anime. I love my family and some of my friends that I text and talk to with. My hobbies also include reading bridal magazines and my most favorite is to suntan in the sun during summertime.
My name is Michael. I have a dog, Rebel, and two cats named Ziggy and Zeke. My interests are movies and books. I love old classics. I do a lot of research online and know about many topics. My favorite is World Mythology. I work at Aquatrans filing driver’s logs and recycling. I enjoy spending time with friends at work and at Explorations. My goal is to travel more. I'd love to go back to West Sussex and visit my relatives.
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My name is Sabrina aka The Crazy Dragon Lady. I love making dragons and other creations on my Rainbow Loom. I work at Fort Sport and Family Physio and Joy of Coffee. I like working to earn a paycheck and enjoy being a self-advocate. I see my friends at meetings and can participate in choices about our services. I sing, dance, and ride horses when I am not at Quantum Leap working on my goal to be an active and independent member in my community.
My name is Abby. I love sports and I am an athlete in Special Olympics. I participate in track and field and basketball and love dancing and going to a class once a week. I enjoy working with children. My volunteer work at Timms Community Centre Daycare gives me this opportunity. I learn many new things as a self-advocate, and enjoy seeing my friends. I love being independent and am working on this goal at Quantum Leap. I want to become more independent in my community and to get paid employment.
My name is Leah. I work at Langley Sports Medicine Clinic. I like having a paid job. My favourite sports are hockey and football. I love being in my choir - the May Day Club Youth Choir. I like being a self-advocate and enjoy the meetings because I can talk to my friends about how to be a good advocate. I attend Quantum Leap where I am working on new goals and hanging out with friends.