Supported Living Services are designed to meet the support needs of adults with intellectual disabilities who live on their own or who are preparing to live on their own in the near future. This service is self-directed. Each individual chooses what kind of support he or she wants. Our responsibility is to be responsive, understanding and accountable.

We recognize each individual may need more support at different times in their lives, so the frequency of service depends on current support needs. For example, a person may experience a serious health or mental health issue and require more support on a temporary basis.

Service is usually provided on weekdays, during the day, for approximately 2 - 4 hours. When necessary, we are flexible and can offer a person additional support at different times.
Kim Bucholtz
Manager | Quality Assurance & Supported Living Services
Phone: 604-534-8611 (Extension 229)
For more information please call Kim or Jacquie.
Supported Living
Services has taught me
how to be independent,
to be happy and to
do what I want.

Chris Shaxon
Jacquie Robertson
Supervisor | Supported Living Services
Phone: 604-816-3435
Eligibility for this service is determined in consultation with our funder, Community Living BC.

Generally, support may include, but is not limited to:

* finding safe and affordable housing
* accessing community resources and/or professional supports
* finding employment
* volunteering
* budgeting
* home maintenance
* landlord relations
* relationships
* parenting