Service is usually provided on weekdays during the day, for approximately 2 - 4 hours.  When necessary, we can be flexible to accommodate the person by offering additional support at different times. The amount of support is determined in consultation with our funder, Community Living BC.

For more information, please call:

Kim Bucholtz

  ~ Manager, Quality Assurance and Supported Living Services
  ~ Phone: 604-534-8611 (Extension 229)
  ~ Email:

Jacquie  Robertson

  ~ Supervisor, Supported Living Services
  ~ Phone: 604-816-3435
  ~ Email:
Supported Living Services are designed to meet the unique needs of adults with intellectual disabilities who live on their own or who are preparing to live on their own in the near future. This service also includes some outreach services to individuals seeking short term support to learn a daily living skill to improve their independence in the community.

This service is self-directed; the individual determines what kind of support he/she needs. Our responsibility is to be responsive, empathic and accountable. We recognize each individual may need more support at different times in their lives, so frequency and duration is sometimes determined by an immediate need. For example, the person may be facing homelessness, a medical emergency or a mental health issue that may require more support and/or advocacy.

Generally, support can include, but is not limited to, assistance with home maintenance, cooking, management of finances, health issues, employment,  landlord / tenant issues, access to community resources, relationships and parenting.  We also support the development of self-advocacy skills to minimize risks associated with living independently.

We encourage each person to work towards achieving a good quality of life. This means helping an individual to maintain safe housing, supportive relationships, on-going personal development and emotional/physical well-being.
Supported Living Services has taught me how to be independent, to be happy and to do what I want.

Chris Shaxon
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